The WHOLE bloody mess explained!

‘.....unable to defend our corrupted condition, we couldn't acknowledge that we have an innocent soul, so innocent races have died a million deaths because of that terrible silence, that terrible denial, but now we can tell the truth about how corrupted we all are and how relatively innocent the innocent races are, and that truth will save the lives of the more innocent races like the aborigines, as it will for all children now to be told the truth about our corrupted condition!’ Jeremy Griffith

The courage of all humans who have lived during humanity’s heroic 2 million years in adolescence, during which time they had to face the inevitability of total self-corruption and frustrated despair by the end of their lives, has been so immense it is, and possibly will be for all time, out of reach of true appreciation. And thank goodness all that heroic effort has finally produced the understanding of the human condition that ends that 2-million-year journey of horror. In particular, we can see that since it was our silence, our denial, our alienation, that was the main cause of the destruction of innocence in both new generations of humans and in more innocent ‘races’, it follows that the primary way to end the destruction of the innocence in new generations and in the more innocent ‘races’ (bring to an end the alcoholism and other degradations in the lives of Australian Aborigines, the Bushmen of the Kalahari, Amazonian Indians, etc) is to end all that denial about the corrupted state of humans. It is the full truth about the human condition – which can now at last be explained and thus safely admitted – that not only sets those who are corrupted free from the human condition, it also saves those who are becoming corrupted from the ‘fatal leukaemia’ of their ‘spirit’ that Sir Laurens van der Post wrote about. The ‘catcher in the rye’ that J.D Salinger's famous character Holden Caulfield wanted to be in order to save innocent children from the human condition is the same ‘catcher’ that is needed to save more innocent races. As the saying goes, ‘honesty is therapy’, and it is the explanation of the human condition and the honesty it makes possible that cleanses all human situations everywhere – as Cat Stevens wrote and sang, ‘breaking down the walls of silence [the denial], [is what brings about the] lifting [of the] shadows from your [everyone’s] mind’. Yes, this explanation is the ultimate form of therapy for each human and for the situation that exists between humans of all genders, generations, ‘races’, countries and cultures.

Paragraph 764, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith

For the comprehensive explanation of humanity's journey see Chapter 8 of FREEDOM perfectly titled ‘The Greatest, Most Heroic Story Ever Told: Humanity's Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment’.

Humanity's Journey From Ignorance To Enlightenment - drawing by Jeremy Griffith